Walmartone Login

WalmartOne Associate Login.

Question: How do I find and login to the official Walmartone associate page?

Answer:  This is how you find and sign in to the WalmartOne associate website:

  • Visit: in your internet browser. You can also type in “” in your browser’s address bar, or search Google for “Walmartone”. Or click here.
    You will then find yourself on the official Walmart Associate Login portal.
  • Find the “Sign In” tab in the top left corner. Click the link and you will be transferred to the WalmartOne login page.
  • On the Walmart One login screen, enter your Walmart User ID and your WalmartOne password.
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button.

After clicking on “Login”, you will be logged into the Walmart employee portal.

walmartone login
Remember, that WalmartOne is different from the Walmart WIRE. You will need to create a new account on the WalmartOne website to use the system. You will need your WIN. The Username ID and Password for Walmart Wire is different from that of WalmartOne.

Walmart Onewire Login.

The old WalmartOne website and the in-store Walmart Wire platform has merged.

To find the new, aptly named, Walmart OneWire login page, visit, and click on the yellow Walmart Spark logo (it is small).

This will open the new Walmart OneWire login page. However, to access through this page, you must have enrolled to the 2-Step-Verification login process at a Walmart Store while clocked in.

WalmartOne Login – WM1 App.

Question: How do I log in to Walmartone from my mobile phone?

Answer:  You can also choose to log in to the WalmartOne portal through the WM1 and the My Walmart Schedule mobile phone apps, or through your mobile phone’s internet browser.

This is how you locate the Walmartone (WM1) and My Walmart Schedule apps:

  • Find the WM1 app on Apple iTunes or Google Play by searching for “WM1”. For the “My Walmart Schedule” app, search for “My Walmart Schedule”.
  • Download the WM1 or My Walmart Schedule app.
  • Open the app and enter your Walmartone login credentials.

Walmart Wire Login.

Question: Can I log in to Walmart Wire from home?

Answer: No, Walmart Wire is Walmart’s intra-store employee portal. You can only access “Wire” from a store computer. From home, you will need to access Walmartone, instead.

Walmartone Login Problems.

Question: I cannot log in to Walmartone. What Am I doing wrong?

If you cannot log in, then go through the following checklist:

Check that your internet connection is working.

Check that your CAPS LOCK button is OFF, as passwords are case-sensitive.

Try logging in through the WalmartOne WM1 app, or through your mobile phone browser.

Try logging in with another browser, like Opera, Mozilla or Chrome.

Clear your browser cookies and cache and try again.

I have forgotten my WalmartOne Password.

  • I have you have lost or forgotten your Walmart One password , visit the Walmartone login page, and click on “Forgot Password” link. The direct link is here.
  • Enter your Username, solve the CAPCHA and request a verification code.
  • Paste that code in the verification code box and type a new password in the Create Walmartone Password box, followed by clicking on the submit button.

I Have Forgotten my WalmartOne ID Username.

  • I have you have lost or forgotten your Walmart One Username, visit the Walmartone login page, and click on “Forgot ID” link. The direct link is here.
  • Enter your associated email address, solve the CAPCHA and click on Go.
  • Follow the instructions to recover your WalmartOne User ID .

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13 thoughts on “Walmartone Login

  1. When I open the app all it does is freeze my phone, I have finished all steps and see my schedule but when trying to use portal or anything else it freezes.

  2. This site that tells you how to log in. But you can’t log in here. So you have to do it at work I guess.

    1. As explained, go to and login with your Walmartone login credentials. You will need to have set up 2 Factor Authentication first, from your workplace.

      1. The Onewalmart system must be down because I’ve been trying to log in all day from home and when I went into to work I got right on.

  3. I am trying to log in the onewalmart application however doesn’t let me log in with my brand new phone. I was on old site, which is new.
    Thank you

  4. my name is Barbara Johnson I need a username and password I never got one. can you get me my username and password please for store1586.

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